Frequently Asked Questions.

What does "training characters" mean?

This means the total number of letters and symbols contained in the files you upload to your Knowledge Base to train you chatbot.

What does "AI messages" mean?

For every answer generated by the AI chatbot, one AI message is used.

Is my data used to train the AI model?

The answer is no! Boon uses OpenAI's GPT-3.5 model, and your content, data sources, and any interactions with the chatbots won't be utilized by OpenAI for their AI language models.

Is my data secure?

Your content and data belong to you, and we will never assert any intellectual property rights over them or sell them to third parties. Please check our Terms of Service for further details.

What happens to my "AI messages" if not used?

The AI messages included in your subscription reset on the first of every month. Any remaining AI messages from the previous month do not roll over.

Still have questions?

Please ask the boon chatbot or contact us at